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Stay Loaded The Brand. A brand developed for the trucking industry; truckers of all “makes & models”. We are looking for the 1% of you truckers to support the movement we have started!​

The 1% on all of our T-Shirts represents the 1% of truckers who keep and maintain their equipment to the highest level of “pride for your ride”. Which includes all that has to do with the lifestyle of the trucker and their truck; maintaining themselves and their truck.

We are a new brand doing something “new”. We have done a lot of homework and have over 15 years in the industry and we portray that through our brand and our inventory! The Stay Loaded brand is for the trucker that really loves the lifestyle and lives it day to day, local or over the road, by taking the time to keep their truck clean and maintained to the “1% trucker” level.

This brand lives it as well; on the streets and highways. We recognize and congratulate all of our fellow 1% truckers with a thumbs up or a whistle from the train horn while passing.

We are building this brand: Stay Loaded, for you. This brand is coming to the front of the apparel line giving the 1% trucker something to wear and be proud of!